Good Vibes Fridays

October 18, 2017

Hey Guys,

This Friday our third hot and vibrating race will take place. This time 2 gorgeous contestants Paipers and Iowi hope to outtremble last week's couples and finish first :)

Come to support Paipers and Iowi in this incredible pleasure run and boost their score AND their TipToys!

The third, and for the moment the last, "Good Vibes Friday" starts this Friday, October 20th, at 4pm CET!

The Good Vibes challenge takes place in our OhMiGirlsRoom, so make sure not to miss it. The girls want to come real high this time and need your help to get them there ;)

The winning couple will be announced on Saturday, October 21st. Who will be the first Good Vibes champions?

Have a blast and enjoy this trembling Friday evening :)

See you there!
XX Cessi

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